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Q: Are you the voice of Germaine from Neurotically Yours?


A: No.



A: Ask yourself first: Do you see this as a professional line of work that you're prepared to commit to for the next five, ten, even fifteen years? Are you able to handle rejection and criticism? Are you willing to invest time and money into proper education and recording equipment? Is this all something you can find yourself enjoying? If so, you may be ready to pursue voice acting!


The most important part of voice acting is ACTING. Research and practice: Get involved in theater, sign up for voice acting classes, and practice, practice, practice! Contrary to popular belief, voice acting is not simply doing silly voices, accents, or impressions. It's about projecting the emotion of a character and making them feel real and palpable to your audience.


The last thing any voice actor/director wants to hear is the above question followed by an impression of character already played by someone else!


We want to hear YOU, and I'm sure you want to rock the voice of your own character too! It just takes discipline and patience. If you can do that, you're well on your way to becoming a voice actor!

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Q: I have acting experience. How do i become a funimation voice actor?


A: We have open voice acting auditions about once a year. Currently, there’s no set schedule for when we conduct open auditions. But, if you are over 18 years old, live nearby, and want to be included on the audition waiting list, send an email to Be sure you include the following:

  • Resume

  • Demo Reel

  • Contact Information

Source: FAQ

Q: CAN YOU go to (Insert Convention Here)?


A: If you would like me to come to a convention, you must contact the convention staff (guest relations) and request to have me as a guest. The more fans request for me to come to that con, the more likely it will happen!


If you are a convention staff member and would like me to be a guest at your con, please e-mail me at




Q: Can you audition for my fan dub/anime parody/etc.?


A: Unfortunately, no. Fan dubs or anime parodies are a violation of my FUNimation contract. If you are holding auditions for an original project, please feel free to contact me.




Q: Where Can I Send Fan Mail?


A: For packages or letters, please send to:


ATTN: Dawn M. Bennett

FUNimation Entertainment

Bldg 1

1200 Lakeside Pkwy

Flower Mound, TX 75028


If you'd like an item autographed, please include a return package or envelope and appropriate postage. If there is no return postage provided, the item will not be signed nor returned. Thank you for your understanding.

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